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Solar Power & Solar Energy Systems (Photovoltaic)


Progress Solar Solutions, LLC provides and implements turn-key solar power (photovoltaic) projects for commercial, government, institutional, industrial and residential community applications throughout North Carolina (NC) and the southeast. Installations can be integrated into new or existing facilities, and include roof-mount, ballasted (no roof penetration) or un-ballasted systems; as well as ground mount (fixed or solar tracking) systems. We are ready to help you with your solar project and have the professional staff and resources to handle all sizes from small to utility-scale solar farms.

Solar Renewable Energy – Reliable - Energy Independence -
No Fossil Fuels - Cost Effective – Silent – No Emissions - Carbon Free - Hedge Against Increasing Energy Costs - Proven, Durable, Low Maintenance

Contact us to see if Solar Power is a good fit for your needs

We start with an energy and savings potential assessment of your facility and objectives. This includes working with clients in a consultative role to decide which solar application - solar photovoltaic, solar outdoor lighting or solar thermal hot water - will provide the best solution for your needs as well as the fastest payback and best return-on-investment.

The best return on your investment can vary significantly based on the facility or site’s location, anticipated energy use; state and local incentives; current and future energy costs for the area; and any applicable utility programs including the purchase of energy, renewable energy credits and any other applicable incentives. Naturally, all applicable federal incentives are available throughout the United States. We can help you sort through the options and decide if solar makes sense for your project.

Once we jointly agree to proceed with a solar project, we bring in the properly certified, licensed and experienced personnel (design and engineering, project manager and installation team) necessary to insure that the solar system you expect is delivered on time, within budget and fully functional to deliver decades of solar renewable energy that is both cost-effective and contributes to help save the environment.